27 november 2012

DIY_________ X-mas decoration

To do these you need;  scissors, paper binders, staple set, thick paper. 
Cut out strips of a paper in various sizes and staple or use paperbinders to fix the strips from both sides. Hang them up with a string or use as a table decoration. Done!

25 november 2012

INSPIRATION_______ white

The first sign of christmas is now on my wall, lots of white paper pom poms. The more the better! 
( You can find these white pom poms in Sweden from Rusta )

20 november 2012

RANDOM ____________ X-MAS MOOD

It´s only few days left until the first advent sunday and I have started making this year's advent calendar to my kids and some new christmas decorations. But before I´ll show you all the new nice stuff, here´s some black&white christmas inspiration and diy´s from last year!

15 november 2012

INSPIRATION _____ Lotta Agaton home

My dear interiorstylist teacher Lotta Agaton´s new home is featured in the latest issue of the Danish RUM magazine that is out today! She and her interior style is like the rolling stone, it just keeps rolling on fresch and always inspiring! Can´t wait to get my magazine and see all the pictures, happy also to see my metal pyramid and diamond in her livingroom!

(images from RUM magazine, photographed by talented Pia Ulin

9 november 2012

DIY__________magazine holder

One of my secret addiction is magazines. And since I have tons of magazines at home and soon running out place to stash them, I always try to come up new ways to store them! Here is a magazine holder that I made ​​of metal wire but you can also use some other strong string or rope to do it. This magazine holder does not actually take a lot of time and it's very unexpensive! Goood luck!

4 november 2012

INTERIOR _________faye toogood

The most difficult question that I get sometimes is what is trendy right now or not. Sure we are all inspired by others but I belive that true creativity begins in the heart and from a freedom of thought where everything is allowed. Therefore, there is no right and wrong when it comes to art and furnishings. Like Faye Toogood the incredibly talented British interior designer who creates interior design with courage and curiosity. All of her pieces are handmade by small-scale fabricators and traditional artisans, with an honesty to the rawness and irregularity of the chosen material. Her interior design shows the way away from trend slavery and current trends. What she creates is freedom from all that is allowed or not!

all images from fayetoogood.com with thanks

26 oktober 2012

DIY ________ tube lamp

 I could not resist the temptation to make a lamp out of one of my empty cardboard rolls that I have saved when I bought poster. According to me you can not have too many light sources at home in the winter and the light I used was only two watt low energy lamp that gives a dull and cozy light. 

You need
.a cardboard roll
.black tape
.low 2 watt bulb
.lamp cord

Start to thread the lamp cord through the tube and when you are satisfied with how much you want it to show out of the tube fasten it with the tape. I let the lamp stay inside the tube because I used 2 watt low energy lamp which does not get hot, never use lamps that are stronger than two watt for this. But if you want to be sure about it all and just to be on the safe side, let the lamp stick out of the tube. And last I made a hole on the tube and hang it on to the wall. Done!

23 oktober 2012

INTERIOR ______ ecoration

A few days ago I got a mail about this exellent initiative by the green side of IKEA called ecoration. Ecoration has collaborated with Swedish fashion designer Helena Hörstedt who transformed a used IKEA chair into a unique art object. 

This gorgeous chair is now for sale at auction and the sale price is donated to WWF and for their tropical forest support. The auction will run until today tuesday, October 23 at. 23.00. More about the collaboration here, and go to the auction here. 

The pictures are styled by my dear class mate from Beckmans akademi Hanna Meijer and photographed by John Gripenholm and Christian Gustavsson.

20 oktober 2012

INTERIOR ___________ BOXES

My favorit parfyme Byredo parfyms has the most good looking boxes for their products. It is impressive when not only the product is awesome, but the packaging is awesome too! Their boxes are perfect also for storing small items etc.

14 oktober 2012


Done som cleaning today and moved few things to other places. Perfekt way to start a new week!