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Visar inlägg med etikett DIY. Visa alla inlägg

8 juli 2015

LA PETITE MAGAZINE ____________ work

My latest work kids room styling for La petite magazine summer issue is out now! You can find also instructions how to do this wall hanging on it. 

/photo/styling Annaleena karlsson

5 mars 2015

MY WORK ____________ la petite mag + diy

Finally is the latest issue of la petite magazine out in stores! It is their third issue in print, and I'm so happy that I've been honored to make an interior article for them again.
To this issue I styled a petit room for babies in calm and sober colors.
As a DIY I made a storage of plywood to hang on the wall, with small cases to put necessary every day items in. You can read the whole DIY in the latest issue of la petite magazine by ordering your copy here.

photo/styling/Annaleena Leino-Karlsson
styling assistent/ Emmie Bjernvinge

8 september 2014

DIY ______________ room divider

For the latest number of La Petite Magazine I made a DIY. As you can see on the pictures, it is a room divider. I promised to show it on the blog and include instructions, so here we go:

To make a room divider is really easy. 

You'll need:
Two particle boards / in dimension 140 x 80 cm
18 screws
Three hinges

How to: 
Screw the particle boards with the hinge. Paint the boards with Jotun lady color paint code S1510-Y40R. Done!

2 december 2013

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS _________ diy x-mas

Today´s monday snapshots is about making your own christmas decor. Last year my decorations looked like this, but this year I started twisting round circels of brass and copper wire and folding geometric shapes after I saw these cute templates here.

13 november 2013

DIY _______________ copper/plaster candle holder

For me candle holders are so Christmas and just the thought that it's almost Christmas makes me want to get/make some new ones. So after I saw this cool DIY that Ivania did on her blog with plaster I wanted to do a new candle holder for the Christmas with plaster instead of concrete. 
The mold I used for pouring the plaster in was just a shoebox cover and the copper tube caps for the lights are from a hardware store, but my previous candleholder that I did with hexagon nuts (here) could also work. All you need is,

/a shoebox cover
/copper tube caps size 2,2 
/plastic wrap
/sand paper

/Cover the shoebox cover with plastic wrap to make it waterproof and to get the plaster out of the mold when it is dry. 
/Plan in advance where you want your candle holders (copper tube caps) to be. 
/Blend your plaster mixture and pour it into the mold. I used for this 9 dl plaster and 3 dl water.
/Press gently the copper tube caps in the plaster mix.
 /Let it dry for at least 2 hours. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges if needed.


8 oktober 2013

DIY _________ wall cups

My latest super simple diy -wall storage for small things was made of clear plastic cups. You don´t need any instructions, just attach the plastic cups to the wall with strong needles. 

16 september 2013

DIY _________ marble tube lamp

Remember this and this? I covered now my tube also with a marble printed self-adhesive plastic. I really love the marble look! The lamp got to play a tiny part too in a furniture styling that will show up here soon.

7 september 2013

DIY ____________ minimalist cube shelf

Here it comes, the another DIY minimalist cube shelf that I mentioned in the last post. I was also guest blogging with this DIY at Emmas designblogg last week with my try this at home column. This cube shelf that is placed in a corner is not so difficult to do as it seems and the result is so worth it! 

To do the cube shelf you will need 

+One length of 7x7 cm (appr. 3"x3") wood beam (these are usually sold in standard lengths of 240 cm)
+Wood glue

+Small nails

+Metal loops for wall attachment
+White paint

Start by cutting 10-12 small squares 7x7x7 cm and one 33 cm long piece from the wooden beam. Paint them all white.
Create two modules made of two cubes glued together, and two modules made of three cubes like in the picture. To make the construction stronger you can use nails, but a strong wood glue should do the trick.

Glue the modules together like in the picture or create your own creative version with the cubes. Paint everything again if some flaking or chipping has occured during the construction. Screw the loops onto the back, use at least two. Use a level when hanging if you want the shelf to be completely straight.

3 september 2013

DIY _________ shades of granite

I´m really loving the shades of granite now. I found this fabulous granite spray in a paint shop last week which I made this mini granite diy with. Small granite storage boxes. But I have also prepared another diy that I will show you soon, cant wai´t!

12 juni 2013

DIY __________ marble box

I´m crazy about all marble patterned interior details now. Maybe you have seen on my Instagram(annaleenashem) if you follow me there, the picture that I posted few weeks ago of my tube lamp that I covered with self-adhesive plastic marble. I´ll blog more pictures of it soon. It's pretty easy to create marble patterned details using self-adhesive plastic marble. I just made a marble box for my small items of an empty perfyme box. 
Do like this.
Measure and cut out the marble plastic after the size of the box and cover both the inside and outside to get a uniform result. Use the ruler to obtain a smooth surface and remove any air bubbles when the plastic is adhered.

-you need an empty box
-siccors. Mine are gift from Fiskars
- self-adhesive plastic marble for example from here

25 april 2013

DIY _______ paper clouds

I have been drawing on a mood board for a design event called designwalk13 which will take place in my home town Varberg/Sweden the first june. The theme for the event is shapes so for that I have tested to make these simple paper clouds  that I will perhaps use as props.
What you need to make these paper clouds is 10-15 rectangle silk paper sheets. Fold them into an accordion shape and twist a wire in the middle of the folded paper pieces. Fold then the paper sheets upward one half at a time.