19 mars 2012


Monday's snapshots is a mix of test shots to my web shop, my love statement for 
shapes and a brilliant DIY idea that posted some weeks ago here. Enjoy!
Måndagens snapshots är en blandning av provbilder till min webbshop, min kärleks förklaring för

former och en strålande DIY idé som postade några veckor sedan här. Kram! Annaleena

18 mars 2012


I love lazy sundays, unmade beds and late sunday brunch! Here is my latest 
tape crush aluminium tape. Enjoy your sunday! Annaleena xx

15 mars 2012


Yesterday when I had some time over I decided to do a DIY that I´ve been thinking to do for a long time. 
Transform a large plastic bag into a lampshade. Ever since I saw the wonderful lamp of Mark eden Schooley  
I have wanted to do something like that myself. But instead of using fabric I used a large white plastic bag, 
the suspension system is made of thin steel wire

12 mars 2012


I think It feels more and more spring in the air, so yesterday I took my camera with me and went 
to the port to shoot some pics there. Thats why my monday snapshots is a mix of all the details 
that I love now, modern retro, marine, my yellow wooden kitchen, and of course black and silver details!

9 mars 2012


 This is the stylings project that I said in my last post I would reveal soon. A while ago I was asked to style the 
work of a Swedish designer Ylva Skarp. Because she is well known designer in Sweden I felt really honored 
when she asked me to do this. Ylva just launched four new prints  that I styled for her and here are the pictures.

Ylva Skarp handwrites her letters and turns them into patterns. She places the patterns on ceramics, textiles
paintings or prints and much more.  I really love the crafty expression that is her signature for her work. You can 
find more information about her lovely products on her webbsite here, or from the facebook site here. 

7 mars 2012


 I have been working the last days with a really nice project that I can show you soon. It is my first own stylings 
assignment since I finished my interior stylist training at Beckmans academy, yey! Anyhow I´ll post a picture from our 
livingroom today, here is nbig changes except that I will make a new lamp shade over the kitchen table soon 
when I have more time, hopefully next week. The huge Tine K home basket that I have painted black moves 
around a lot because my kids thinks it makes an excellent a cottage upside down :)))  See you later!

6 mars 2012


The spring light creates such a lovely atmosphere in our home, it´s feels like the rooms starts living again. 
I had little christmas recently when i got a fine package with Therese Sennerholt postcards in the mailthey 
turned out to be a perfekt on my empty wall with some black dots :) 

4 mars 2012


I love it when you can use one thing in several different ways, like this ordinary vase that can appear in 
these three ways in my home. As a pen storage, filled with lots and lots of pens and other stuff or..

 as a transparent pot where I put in my favorite plant cactus.

Or when you tape a picture inside it will become an different photo frame. 
This last one is one of my favorite. Wish you all a great week! Annaleena xx 
The vase comes from Tine K. home.

2 mars 2012


 It is spring out there and the feelings are on the topp. I really agree these wise words of beautiful Helena Christensen.
Time for some primavera intoxicating :) Have a nice weekend! Annaleena xoxo

1 mars 2012


I really like letters as a decoration so here comes one more way to write letters on the wall!
 This time I used with my flower support sticks that became an A on the wall. Lucky me that 
the letter A is so simple to shape :) I used regular tape to attach the sticks, because it leaves no 
ugly marks and the tape is easy to remove.