Visar inlägg med etikett monday snapshots. Visa alla inlägg
Visar inlägg med etikett monday snapshots. Visa alla inlägg

17 mars 2014

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS ____________delight studios

Last Friday I visited Therese Sennerholt in her office (for some chatter and coffee) that is in the famous Delight studios. But the day became instead a fun and creative photo day where we took amazing pictures of both of us. Therese brought the white balloons and I took my camera with me. Here is the first part of the images that we photographed in Delight studios where "all the magic happens". 

/Big thanks to Delight Studios.

10 februari 2014

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS_________Sthlm Furniture Fair

Monday snapshots are obviously from the Sthlm furniture fair and these were some of my fair favorites. They are no newcomers but old favorites that deliver year after year simply great design!

2 december 2013

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS _________ diy x-mas

Today´s monday snapshots is about making your own christmas decor. Last year my decorations looked like this, but this year I started twisting round circels of brass and copper wire and folding geometric shapes after I saw these cute templates here.

26 augusti 2013

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS __ formex AW1314 _____

Today´s monday snapshots will be some of my pictures from Stockholm Formex interior fair. This year's fair favorites became the stylish and uncluttered work of Kristina Stark and Danish Menu, which had a brilliant collection and the best looking booth! I loved also to visit young designers that are always my favorites with their new thinking and courage that I usually miss at established interior brands. 

26 februari 2013

KITCHEN ________

I love when spring sun arrives after a long and cold winter. Not only it makes me to reorganize here at home, but also dream about new creative spring/summer projects!

-grey ceramic bowl uh la la
-tube lamp DIY

11 februari 2013

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS _____new detail

Monday snapshots today is about my new favorite home detail, disco ball that was a bargain from flea market. I love the shadows and the reflections that it provides. 

21 januari 2013

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS /// the process

Monday snapshots are back! I always enjoy reading articles and see pictures from different type of manufacturing processes. So today I´ll show few pictures from the process of how my products are made. From moodboard on my wall to a finished product to the customer. You can also read more of my thoughts about design and creativity at eget rom blog that belongs to the former chief editor of Elle decoration Norway, Helle Tjaberg. The interview is in Norwegian and Swedish and you can read the article here.

9 september 2012


Monday snapshots are pics that I found from my image archive. I´m removing away more and more unnecessary things in our home that I can organize better all the stuff that I really want to keep! Feels good to keep it simple. Early tomorrow morning I´m off to Copenhagen again working the whole week with a new exiting project, but you can follow me via my instagram annaleenashem what i´m doing in that beautiful city, see you there!

6 augusti 2012


I tought it´s time for part II now from my Copenhagen visit so here it comes! Day after blog´nhagen  Emma Fexeus and I went around in Copenhagen on our own and picked out some more favorite spots in that beautiful city! The first interior store we visited was a store called stilleben, which is very scandinavian and form strong interior design store located central in Copenhagen, so proud to tell also that stilleben is the store in Copenhagen that sell´s my products.

Another great shop where we stopped by was Hay´s flagship store, everything in the shop was only Hay´s own products. 
Graphic, Danish, and always playful!

Store or a creativ working space that is really worth a visit is a tile store called Dahl studio. They makes and sell the most stunning 
tiles and floor clinker that I have seen.

The two last images comes from a place you will see more photos later, in another context. All I can say right now is that it belongs 
to one of Denmark's top stylists, and that it will be a big hit when it opens.