21 januari 2013

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS /// the process

Monday snapshots are back! I always enjoy reading articles and see pictures from different type of manufacturing processes. So today I´ll show few pictures from the process of how my products are made. From moodboard on my wall to a finished product to the customer. You can also read more of my thoughts about design and creativity at eget rom blog that belongs to the former chief editor of Elle decoration Norway, Helle Tjaberg. The interview is in Norwegian and Swedish and you can read the article here.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Nice Annaleena! Great to see a glimpse of the making of your products.

    XO Miranda

  2. incredible photos.. inspired to work tomorrow already

  3. For a design student those kind of pictures ar always intresting :) I had to stop for a while to take a look at the first picture.

    xxx Peeta from

  4. It's nice to see the behind the scenes shots, in some ways it can be more interesting to see the path to the final result. Really simple but fantastic photos.

  5. Always addict to your mondays snapshots I wanted to congrat you regarding the wonderful products you design now... And those processes are just inspiring!
    Bravo et bon mardi!
    L A U

  6. Annaleena, this is amazing. Inspirational and truly unique. Thank you for that post, I have been waiting for it :)

  7. Så fint!
    Glæder mig til at modtage min clothing rail <3

    Pernille Z