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Visar inlägg med etikett INTERIOR. Visa alla inlägg

12 februari 2014

INTERIOR ______________ temporary home

Here comes a sneak peek from our new home. The white book shelves that we did before the move are hanging now in our new livingroom.  Moving takes time and It has taken a lot of time to organize our move from a large house to a smaller, from a small town in the west coast to a bigger city Stockholm in the east coast! But the most positive thing with our move was that we cleared our home from all unnecessary things, I´m very happy for that! Although we will stay in this temporary white home for a short period before our own house is ready (that we will start to build hopefully this year) we really enjoy living here! 

/bag. maze
/metal pots. own design
/mirror. ikea

10 januari 2014

MINIMALISM ______ diagonal shelf

We are moving this weekend and you can imagine how busy I am right now. But I wanted to take the time and post these pictures on a shelf we did before christmas to our new home. They remind the stunning shelfs Victor Vasilev has designed. 
From a particular angle, this construction looks nothing like a bookshelf, but rather a minimalistic art installation. As the shelves are constructed diagonally, you can see the things from one side only. This hidden/art interior design is just the kind of interior that I love right now. 

18 december 2013

INTERIOR _______ old and new home

I flipped today through my photos that I´ve taken during 2013 and I found these pics from our house. December has been a crazy month and it feels that I´m living right now between two homes or two houses, among all christmas decorations and moving boxes. We´re moving after the new year to Stockholm where we have planned to build a new house. As we made the most ourselves in our this house for 8 years ago, the staircase, kitchen, round firewood storage (my husband is a ambitions builder:) we will build the new house ourselves too. We have started to sketch up the new house and we have found a nice plot to build on. So the next step now is to find a great architect in Stockholm who can draw up our house, can´t wait when the process starts to take off!

2 oktober 2013

INTERIOR _____________ white retreat

Love this white minimalist 36 square appartment that is furnished with a few carefully selected objects; contemporary artworks, some books, and the owners record. And how the lack of views is compensated by silence and light

13 september 2013

DEKO __________ housing fair maja

It's always exciting to see where my clothing rails ends up, like here in a really fabulous laundry room in Finland! These pictures are from the Housing Fair Finland 2013, where the Finnish Deko magazine participated this year with their own housing-fair home called Maja. To see more pictures go to Scandinavian deko. The interior was designed by the residents themselves, with the help of Dekos editor-in-chief Ulla Koskinen. 

-Picture credit Scandinavian Deko

11 augusti 2013


Back at work again! I´m sitting and planning next week that will be a flying start for a fantastic fall. I will add product launches to my webshop and visit Stockholm Formex Fair at the end of the week. Stockholm is always fun! If you have missed the finest home reportage this summer, the fabulous home of fashion photogapher Nils Odier and fashion stylist Sofia Ragnwald Odier you can still read about it on the Residence website here. So lovely also to see this cool fashion couple "wearing" my pyramids and my diamond at their home! 

styling Lotta Agaton photo Pia Ulin

28 mars 2013

INTERIOR _______ new chairs

I have been looking for a long time new kitchen chairs for our dining table. Our old kitchen chairs are all different flea market finds and has worked really well so far, but one of them has been broken and now I would like to focus on just one model. Our new chairs has to be sustainable and maintain high quality so that they last for many years. Here´s two of my favorites models so far,
IN BETWEEN from and tradition and CHICAGO chair from Bolia.

6 februari 2013

INTERIOR ____ elle interiör, tile insp.

This beautiful tile reportage is styled by Tina Hellberg for latest Swedish Elle Interior. And I feel so honored to have my round clothing hanger featured in this great interior magazine! Tile feels so right in time, it has moved from the kitchen and bathroom to other rooms in a home. Love it!

4 november 2012

INTERIOR _________faye toogood

The most difficult question that I get sometimes is what is trendy right now or not. Sure we are all inspired by others but I belive that true creativity begins in the heart and from a freedom of thought where everything is allowed. Therefore, there is no right and wrong when it comes to art and furnishings. Like Faye Toogood the incredibly talented British interior designer who creates interior design with courage and curiosity. All of her pieces are handmade by small-scale fabricators and traditional artisans, with an honesty to the rawness and irregularity of the chosen material. Her interior design shows the way away from trend slavery and current trends. What she creates is freedom from all that is allowed or not!

all images from with thanks

30 september 2012


annaleena leino-karlsson photography
This summer when I was in Copenhagen with Emma we had the opportunity to visit  interior architect and art advisor Oliver Gustav,s 
antique shop/studio. Although the store had not opened yet when I took these pictures it was already stunning! 

26 augusti 2012


 I was so thrilled when I saw the pictures there Lotta Agaton had styled an apartment for Folkhem at the housing exhibition Annedal 2012, and that my pyramid was also included. It looks so good over there! This picture is photographed by talented Henrik Bonnevier and you can see all images from the apartment here.