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Visar inlägg med etikett DIY. Visa alla inlägg

16 mars 2013

DIY ___________ magazine holder nr.2 of brass wire

I'm totally in love with various metal wires, partly because they are aesthetically beautiful but also because they are easy to work with and shape as you want. My recent DIY magazine holder no.2 (you can see the first one here), I made by using 2 mm thick brass wire. The holes for the wall are made with equally thick nail. I didn´t have to use no glue to get the wire stuck in the hole, without is the hole minimum 2 cm thick the wire will hold and get stuck in the wall.

metal wire tips:  Do not use thinner metal or brass wire than 2 mm, which is enough hard but still goes to work with. If you want to get sharper bends than what I have done, bend the wire against a table edge. Good luck!

3 mars 2013

DIY _______ book origami

I finally made it too, an book origami! My tip is to use a thick book with many pages. Thanks Lotta Agaton for the inspiration!

-hour glass from inreda utreda

22 februari 2013

DECOR _______ book origami and other decorations

I love doing those decorations that don´t always fill a function but acts more like a jewel in the interior, like the steel wire that I twisted into a shape and placed over my magazines. I have also in this weekend´s "to do list" start making a book origami that seems so simple to do, it depends of course on the thickness of the book;) See a well-made book origami tutorial here at Facing north with gracia blog. Another diy that I made by using steel wire here.

31 januari 2013

DIY ___________ laundry basket lamp

I just stumbled over this really cool DIY -laundry basket light at wham bam blog there  laundry basket were transformed into a lamp! Again, so simple DIY that I will definitely try to make myself. It will fit perfectly into a dark corner in our living room where I've been looking for a floor lamp for a while now.Picture cred and big thank´s for this DIY to WHAM BAM. 

(To make sure that the lamp does not overheat the basket, use a low energy bulb.)

8 januari 2013

DIY ________ paper clip

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I love remaking things! To do something with stuff that is useless. I already showed a sneak peek yesterday on my instagram this light diy that I made by using broken mirror pieces and a large paper clip. If you liked this, you will find more really cool and creative paper clip inspiration here and here.

4 december 2012

DIY _______ advent calendar

My advent calendar became this year really simple again! Even the first calendar dates are already opened, I still wanted to show you what I did, I call it -one day at a time calendar. I think it's never too late to start making this one!

9 november 2012

DIY__________magazine holder

One of my secret addiction is magazines. And since I have tons of magazines at home and soon running out place to stash them, I always try to come up new ways to store them! Here is a magazine holder that I made ​​of metal wire but you can also use some other strong string or rope to do it. This magazine holder does not actually take a lot of time and it's very unexpensive! Goood luck!

26 oktober 2012

DIY ________ tube lamp

 I could not resist the temptation to make a lamp out of one of my empty cardboard rolls that I have saved when I bought poster. According to me you can not have too many light sources at home in the winter and the light I used was only two watt low energy lamp that gives a dull and cozy light. 

You need
.a cardboard roll
.black tape
.low 2 watt bulb
.lamp cord

Start to thread the lamp cord through the tube and when you are satisfied with how much you want it to show out of the tube fasten it with the tape. I let the lamp stay inside the tube because I used 2 watt low energy lamp which does not get hot, never use lamps that are stronger than two watt for this. But if you want to be sure about it all and just to be on the safe side, let the lamp stick out of the tube. And last I made a hole on the tube and hang it on to the wall. Done!

30 augusti 2012

D I Y ____________ SIDE TABLE

One of my favorite blogger Ivania Carpio from love aesthetics posted recently this fantastic diy at her blog -side table made of perspex. I loved the idea so with her ​​permission I will show her side table DIY here today !

- What you'll need is a piece of perspex of 5mm thickness, a heat blower gun (the kind that is used to remove paint from wood) and a few pieces of tape. Start out by determining the measurements of your table, though the bigger the table, the thicker the perspex needs to be. I used a panel of perspex of 120cm x 50cm and decided to make the side table 25cm in height, marked it with bits of tape and bended it into shape.
To bend the sides of your table, lay the perspex on a right, heat proof edge, like for example the kitchen counter. Secure the panel of perspex with clamps or ask someone to hold it for you.
Blow hot air across the edge you want to bend, close to the plastic for about four minutes. Now the perspex should be soft enough to bend. You could bend it all the way and make a sharp 90 degrees angle, or like me, bend it a little less so that the sides are slightly inclined. That's it! You've got a clear side table in under 30 minutes. -Ivania Carpio

Though the plastic doesn't smell when heating it, the fumes can be extremely toxic. Be sure to wear a mouth mask and keep the area well ventilated.

19 augusti 2012

DIY / candle holder

I love to add the rough garage feeling and metal expression in the interior. Perhaps that´s why I started to use these common hexagon nuts
that I bought from a harware store as candle holders. Ok, this has to be the most simple DIY that I have made so far. All you need is big hexagon nut and a candle -done!

1 juli 2012

DIY________ TRIVET

For a long time been using white tiles as trivets on our kitchen table, I love the form and the ide´a that they can be used as trivets! But last week I was tempted to spice them up with a metal wire, the wire that I used was welding wire, but of course you can use any other metal wire. Just wrap the thread around the tile as tight as you can. Finish by locking the thread behind and you´re done.

As I mentioned before I`m going to bloggers meet-up Blog`nhagen with Emma this coming week, you can follow my tour in Copenhagen via my facebook updates, instagram and via my tweets on twitter. Have a great week!