31 januari 2013

DIY ___________ laundry basket lamp

I just stumbled over this really cool DIY -laundry basket light at wham bam blog there  laundry basket were transformed into a lamp! Again, so simple DIY that I will definitely try to make myself. It will fit perfectly into a dark corner in our living room where I've been looking for a floor lamp for a while now.Picture cred and big thank´s for this DIY to WHAM BAM. 

(To make sure that the lamp does not overheat the basket, use a low energy bulb.)

25 januari 2013

INTERIOR ________ studio vit

I´m sure that many of you have already seen pictures of these Marble lights by Studio vit, but I just had to post them too. Their Marble light collection in marble and glass is pure perfection. The lamp is aesthetic incredibly beautiful and I love that it gives the feeling of heaviness, lightness and luxury at the same time. images.studio vit

21 januari 2013

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS /// the process

Monday snapshots are back! I always enjoy reading articles and see pictures from different type of manufacturing processes. So today I´ll show few pictures from the process of how my products are made. From moodboard on my wall to a finished product to the customer. You can also read more of my thoughts about design and creativity at eget rom blog that belongs to the former chief editor of Elle decoration Norway, Helle Tjaberg. The interview is in Norwegian and Swedish and you can read the article here.

15 januari 2013

8 januari 2013

DIY ________ paper clip

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I love remaking things! To do something with stuff that is useless. I already showed a sneak peek yesterday on my instagram this light diy that I made by using broken mirror pieces and a large paper clip. If you liked this, you will find more really cool and creative paper clip inspiration here and here.

3 januari 2013

INSPIRATION _______ changes

Every year at the beginning of the new year when I´m taking down all the Christmas decorations, I begin to organize and move things around. I like to keep it simple, not too simple but just so that the details that I like are more visible. So far I have done just some small changes, like when I moved my frameless mirror next to the tube light. It felt like a good start.