22 februari 2013

DECOR _______ book origami and other decorations

I love doing those decorations that don´t always fill a function but acts more like a jewel in the interior, like the steel wire that I twisted into a shape and placed over my magazines. I have also in this weekend´s "to do list" start making a book origami that seems so simple to do, it depends of course on the thickness of the book;) See a well-made book origami tutorial here at Facing north with gracia blog. Another diy that I made by using steel wire here.

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  1. Enkelt men interessant :) Flere af disse, tak!


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  3. Hello!

    I'm honoured to be mentioned in your blog: it's no secret it's one of my favourite ones! I always find so much inspiration in your posts as well as in the amazing diy you manage to make (the last one I tried was the wire book hanger: I have two, one in my bedroom for my MILKs and the other in the kitchen for my cooking magazines!).

    I hope to see you book origami soon in Instagram and, with all my heart, thanks again!

    Elena x