30 augusti 2012

D I Y ____________ SIDE TABLE

One of my favorite blogger Ivania Carpio from love aesthetics posted recently this fantastic diy at her blog -side table made of perspex. I loved the idea so with her ​​permission I will show her side table DIY here today !

- What you'll need is a piece of perspex of 5mm thickness, a heat blower gun (the kind that is used to remove paint from wood) and a few pieces of tape. Start out by determining the measurements of your table, though the bigger the table, the thicker the perspex needs to be. I used a panel of perspex of 120cm x 50cm and decided to make the side table 25cm in height, marked it with bits of tape and bended it into shape.
To bend the sides of your table, lay the perspex on a right, heat proof edge, like for example the kitchen counter. Secure the panel of perspex with clamps or ask someone to hold it for you.
Blow hot air across the edge you want to bend, close to the plastic for about four minutes. Now the perspex should be soft enough to bend. You could bend it all the way and make a sharp 90 degrees angle, or like me, bend it a little less so that the sides are slightly inclined. That's it! You've got a clear side table in under 30 minutes. -Ivania Carpio

Though the plastic doesn't smell when heating it, the fumes can be extremely toxic. Be sure to wear a mouth mask and keep the area well ventilated.

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  1. I just LOVE the idea. I'll try to convince my b.friend. Thanks for the tip!!!

  2. Ingenious!
    I love Ivania's blog, too. She has such great ideas.

  3. Wonderful and simle and SO genious!!! Lovely inspiration, Thanks for the tip.

  4. This is really an impressive work and I think it is also perfect as home decor on your living room as well as in your bedroom.