20 januari 2016

NEW HOME______________

We did it. We made it. And we are here. Finally after a long after building period and all the endless choices, long days and hard work, we moved into our new house a month before Chritmas last year. So good to be here. All rooms in the house are not ready yet, we have still lot´s of unpacked boxes so I will show now and then different rooms that are ready here on the blog. The colour in the living room is the same that we hade in our last bedroom, Antik grå from Jotun lady. 
And for for all daily interior pics you´ll find on my insta account under the name annaleenashem.

/ wall color in the living room. Jotun Lady antik grå.
/ chairs . muuto
/ sofa. Ikea

11 kommentarer:

  1. Golvet ser superfint ut! Va är de för golv??



  2. very beautiful house !!! I loved!


  3. black&white, nice, spacious and light. Good luck
    But I must say that many people will ask - where is the TV in the living room :) Joking

  4. Oh! that was a cool post.I like it.

  5. great! Can you tell the sofa model?

  6. Very nice! How about the sofa model?

  7. Congratulations. We are doing the same thing right now, building a new home.

  8. Very simple, clean and calming - love the white. Always been a fan, but with a dog in the house I'm not sure this is the best choice for us. Good luck. Will keep up ;)

  9. Absolutely wonderful. I will share it. Thank you!