27 juli 2015

INSPIRATION _____________new house

Our next project in the new house that we are building is to choose tiles to the bathroom and the bathroom interior. And when I stumbled over to Marc Merckxs website I new what direction we would go. What a inspiration!

picture cred. merckxinteriors

2 kommentarer:

  1. Annaleena amazing concept, I definitely love the last picture. Everything is so simple and stylish, so modern and minimalist….so perfect!
    Beside all these, I think I would add some colors. What do you say about these handmade rugs from natural wool created by women artisans in Kathmandu: http://feltballrug.com/inspiration ? They are carefully crafted by artisans in Nepal, both round and rectangle rug options are available in a myriad of colors.: http://feltballrug.com/meet-the-team/ (it is our new video about our social impact)
    . Thank you!