21 maj 2015

_____________ soft skin

Im now in some kind of refractive phase with my style, and its good timing cause we are building a new house. But its also a bit challenging because I dont really know how it's gonna be, but the best way always is testing the ideas or colours on a bigger wall. So I did. 
I like to paint both ceilings and walls with the same colour, it becomes more intense and interesting that way. But now I just wanted to test the colour before painting an entire room with it in the new house. I really liked this colour, its not too pink and not too beige. The color is called Soft skin and it comes from Jotun Colour. 

/ colour code- 10580/2306-Y47R
/ mirror / Ikea 

5 kommentarer:

  1. thanks for your inspiration, black&white :)


  2. Aika täydellinen! Sopii hyvin teille.

  3. I love the clean look in the pictures, it is what I would love to have in my home. :)

    Arrielle Pascua @ Alveo Land Solstice