23 oktober 2012

INTERIOR ______ ecoration

A few days ago I got a mail about this exellent initiative by the green side of IKEA called ecoration. Ecoration has collaborated with Swedish fashion designer Helena Hörstedt who transformed a used IKEA chair into a unique art object. 

This gorgeous chair is now for sale at auction and the sale price is donated to WWF and for their tropical forest support. The auction will run until today tuesday, October 23 at. 23.00. More about the collaboration here, and go to the auction here. 

The pictures are styled by my dear class mate from Beckmans akademi Hanna Meijer and photographed by John Gripenholm and Christian Gustavsson.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Häftig! Ser verkligen inte ut som en ikeamöbel längre.

  2. Helt, helt fantastisk!!

    Kram Pernilla

  3. I had seen a photo of this chair passing on some blogs before but without knowing Ikea was behind it, Helena Hörstedt worked on it AND it is part of an eco project from Ikea.
    So here I am, very happy to know it now and the bonus is discovering these beautiful photos.

  4. That chair is gorgeous! http://weareallmonstersindside.blogspot.dk/

  5. That colours are very solid and clean, thank you for inspiration Izrada sajtova