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24 februari 2015

MODERNA BAD ________________________________________

Todays blog post is a sneak peek from my cooperation with the Moderna bad, a company specializing in renovating bathrooms. Together we've developed and updated their profile, by doing a makeover in their showroom as well as creating a new logotype. You can also see my clothing rail rectangle in the showroom, which I've attached to the ceiling by using a black chain this time.

I'll let you know more about this project in short!

4 november 2014

one pic_______________ structure

This picture is from todays photoshoot in a bathroom, taken only a few hours ago. 
I've loved marble for a long time, so much I was sure I would get tired of it.
But I haven't. Its distinct structure still amaze me. To me, it feels vivid, almost as if the material is living its own life!

3 september 2014

ONE PIC ___________natural

My work in the latest Residence, inspired by nature. Styling and photo by me.

10 juni 2014

ONE PIC _____________ moon

Moon, one of my personal favorites from my collection. Hand made of aluminum and styled against white setting. Love. 

16 april 2014

ONE PIC _______________T.S news!

Therese Sennerholt goes to hole new level by launching tomorrow two completely new collections, one with snapshots from her daily life and one with her significant quotes on Swedish handmade enamel signs from Skillinge Emalj. Gotta love this brilliant styling  by super talented Lotta Agatonphoto by the best Pia Ulin.

More on Lotta Agaton blog

26 februari 2014

ONEPIC. ______________ #stylingcompetition

If you are in instagram there's a hashtag you don´t wanna miss. It began with an innocent styling competition between Lotta Agaton and her art director. But has grown into a giant contest where even Sweden's best art direcor Therese Sennerholt and American blogger A merry mishap who runs one of America's most popular life style blogs are in the race! But despite the name (styling competition) it is only a creative game between great talent´s showing a new styled picture everyday. Search with hashtag #stylingcompetition and see all great contributions yourself! My instagram is @annaleenashem.

22 november 2013

INSPIRATION. ___________ uh la la

Todays one pic is from the u la la studio in Copenhagen that belongs to the talented Danish ceramicist Julie Bonde. I visited her studio with Emma while we were working in Copenhagen and I was blown away by the beautiful creativity that both she and her studio radiated. Her work makes me think of nature and stones, and she has used nature as a reference point for the pieces, creating glazes and textures that turn them into large, but very tactile pebbles. Love!

26 september 2013

ONE PIC ____________ minimal

I´m starting today a new column here on my blog called one pic, inspired by my blogger colleague Emma. This first picture is taken in our bedroom. It represents everything I feel right now. Minimal, Japanese, and tranquility.

*blanket hemtex
*white clothing rail Annaleena