27 oktober 2015

NEXT MOVE ____________

Two years ago we moved from the west coast of Sweden to Stockholm,
and since then we’ve lived in a rented house on the island Ekerö. Our plans were to find a place to build a new house and after a while we did. 
For over a year we’ve been building the new house, still on Ekerö but closer to the city,
and finally it’s time to move in!
This thing about moving is starting to become a routine…
I’m so looking forward to furnish and decorate the new house. And indeed, it’s gonna be new - 
all walls and ceilings are painted in grey colors. It feels like the white period is over for me, at least for a while,
and that I’m heading for a new kind of minimalism. Exciting.
Here are the last pictures from this house, and it’s time to start packing.
I promise to post pictures from the new house as soon as we’ve moved! You will find more  daily updates ad pictures from the new house from my instagram annaleenashem. See you there!

20 oktober 2015


So many of you have been asking for my print Pink Stairs since it was sold out. 
So glad about your response.
Therefore, our second edition has just arrived to the webshop, 
this time also in limited numbers... 
Welcome to place your order at annaleena.se to make sure you get your copy!

14 oktober 2015

HOTEL FURILLEN ______________

This summer I visited one of the Swedish islands called Gotland. Gotland is known for its barren landscape, beautiful beaches and lime stone pits. There I found this pearl, a hotel called Furillen.

Furillen used to be a place used by the military - an area surrounded by barbed wire which tourists as well as inhabitants on Gotland stayed away from. But when the military abandoned Furillen, Johan Hellström started to use the area and the old lime stone factory for his photoshoots, since the environment was unique the light absolutely incredible. In 1999 he bought Furillen, with all its surroundings, and started to transform the lime stone factory into a hotel and restaurant. Today Furillen is listed as a member of design hotels.

The result is simply brilliant. Therapy for the soul.


6 oktober 2015

THE CLOAKROOM _______faye toogood

My personal highligt during the London Design Festival was the two-part installation by Studio Toogood : The Cloakroom at Victoria &Albert Museum. The exhibition was so beautiful and it was a collaboration with Highfield by Kvadrat, who's textile was used for the coats. Each coat had a sewn-in map that guided us around the museum. We discovered a series of sculptural garments, all created by Toogood with consideration to the Museum and its collection.

The 150 navigational coats were based on the Oil Rigger Coat, the very first coat that was designed by Toogood. The coats were made by Kvadrat in compressed-foam textile, each one made by hand and therefore unique in its expression. The installation of the coats in materials was non-traditionally used in the fashion industry - such as wood, fibre glass and metal - brought together the two design worlds of furniture and fashion. The coat number 100 of 150 got to move with me to Stockholm.

2 oktober 2015


When both the house and photographs from the house are like masterpiece together.  Brilliant photos from Tineke De Vos for I´ll Granito.

1 oktober 2015


I'm back with Emmie from an amazing week in London! We exhibited at Tent London during the London Design Festival, with a collaboration between ANNALEENA, Ylva Skarp and Lightwork under the name Swedish Hem. You can read more about Swedish hem here. It´s been so exiting, we exhibited our collection RAILS for the first time out of Scandinavia, and the response has been great. Located in the creative Shoreditch, Tent London offered a dynamic mix of up-and-coming designers and established brands, and was inspiring for visitors as well as exhibitors. Here are some pictures from the stand. My visual favorite from Tent London was the café, made of large pipes in paperboard and designed by Helen Hughes studio. Brilliant.