11 december 2014

OBLIQUE / WHITE _____________________ clothing hanger

Here are the two new clothing hangers that I have been working with this fall and they are now finally in the shop. The Oblique clothing hanger and white rectangle clothing hanger. I have been planning for this a long time and I´m so happy that they are now  launhed! Yey to me and my dear assistant Emmie! To the shop here

3 kommentarer:

  1. those are beautiful and such an elegant space saver! xx

  2. What I like about this is that any Plastic hangers looks good and even design looks !!!! Very original and creative

  3. The Hangers direct are a great tool to keep in order any dressing as they come in various forms that enable hanging various kinds of garments and keep them in perfect condition. It is important, for have the garment without wrinkles, that the closet has sufficient space between each hanger. If there is not adequate space between items, they are stacked and not be retained as we want.