26 september 2013

ONE PIC ____________ minimal

I´m starting today a new column here on my blog called one pic, inspired by my blogger colleague Emma. This first picture is taken in our bedroom. It represents everything I feel right now. Minimal, Japanese, and tranquility.

*blanket hemtex
*white clothing rail Annaleena

25 september 2013

INSPIRATION _________________ LINK DECO

I just discovered from Lotta Agaton´s blog that a new agency LINK DECO has been launched in Stockholm. The thing that makes the agency so special is that link deco is the first agency in Sweden solely representing interior photographers and interior stylists. Under the same roof. That´s really awesome news. What a dream for all interior geeks browsing though lots of inspiration, without leaving the website you are on.

photo1.Pia Ulin 2.3.4 Mikkel Mortensen
styling1.2.4 Lotta Agaton

18 september 2013

YLVA SKARP ___________new

I´ve been posting a lot of stuff from Ylva Skarp lately, but that´s because she has been so productive and launched several fantastic news that I styled for her. Here are pictures from her latest work, styled and photographed by me. Big thanks for assistance to Maria Schenberg. 

16 september 2013

DIY _________ marble tube lamp

Remember this and this? I covered now my tube also with a marble printed self-adhesive plastic. I really love the marble look! The lamp got to play a tiny part too in a furniture styling that will show up here soon.

13 september 2013

DEKO __________ housing fair maja

It's always exciting to see where my clothing rails ends up, like here in a really fabulous laundry room in Finland! These pictures are from the Housing Fair Finland 2013, where the Finnish Deko magazine participated this year with their own housing-fair home called Maja. To see more pictures go to Scandinavian deko. The interior was designed by the residents themselves, with the help of Dekos editor-in-chief Ulla Koskinen. 

-Picture credit Scandinavian Deko

7 september 2013

DIY ____________ minimalist cube shelf

Here it comes, the another DIY minimalist cube shelf that I mentioned in the last post. I was also guest blogging with this DIY at Emmas designblogg last week with my try this at home column. This cube shelf that is placed in a corner is not so difficult to do as it seems and the result is so worth it! 

To do the cube shelf you will need 

+One length of 7x7 cm (appr. 3"x3") wood beam (these are usually sold in standard lengths of 240 cm)
+Wood glue

+Small nails

+Metal loops for wall attachment
+White paint

Start by cutting 10-12 small squares 7x7x7 cm and one 33 cm long piece from the wooden beam. Paint them all white.
Create two modules made of two cubes glued together, and two modules made of three cubes like in the picture. To make the construction stronger you can use nails, but a strong wood glue should do the trick.

Glue the modules together like in the picture or create your own creative version with the cubes. Paint everything again if some flaking or chipping has occured during the construction. Screw the loops onto the back, use at least two. Use a level when hanging if you want the shelf to be completely straight.

3 september 2013

DIY _________ shades of granite

I´m really loving the shades of granite now. I found this fabulous granite spray in a paint shop last week which I made this mini granite diy with. Small granite storage boxes. But I have also prepared another diy that I will show you soon, cant wai´t!

1 september 2013


The newest version of a clothing hanger WHITE  and the candle holder MOON has arrived now in the shop! Happy sunday!