25 april 2013

DIY _______ paper clouds

I have been drawing on a mood board for a design event called designwalk13 which will take place in my home town Varberg/Sweden the first june. The theme for the event is shapes so for that I have tested to make these simple paper clouds  that I will perhaps use as props.
What you need to make these paper clouds is 10-15 rectangle silk paper sheets. Fold them into an accordion shape and twist a wire in the middle of the folded paper pieces. Fold then the paper sheets upward one half at a time.

9 april 2013

INSPIRATION ______ spirit of the spring

I´m incredibly fascinated by shadows and the sculptural lines that shadows create on the walls and the floor. Shadows and shapes feels so inspiring this spring and I´m trying to capture more of it with my camera. Sorry it's been so quiet here on the blog lately, I promise to come back soon with some updates about what I'm working on right now and with some new fun diy´s. For snapshots and pics from my daily life please follow me on Instagram (annaleenashem)