28 mars 2013

INTERIOR _______ new chairs

I have been looking for a long time new kitchen chairs for our dining table. Our old kitchen chairs are all different flea market finds and has worked really well so far, but one of them has been broken and now I would like to focus on just one model. Our new chairs has to be sustainable and maintain high quality so that they last for many years. Here´s two of my favorites models so far,
IN BETWEEN from and tradition and CHICAGO chair from Bolia.

16 mars 2013

DIY ___________ magazine holder nr.2 of brass wire

I'm totally in love with various metal wires, partly because they are aesthetically beautiful but also because they are easy to work with and shape as you want. My recent DIY magazine holder no.2 (you can see the first one here), I made by using 2 mm thick brass wire. The holes for the wall are made with equally thick nail. I didn´t have to use no glue to get the wire stuck in the hole, without is the hole minimum 2 cm thick the wire will hold and get stuck in the wall.

metal wire tips:  Do not use thinner metal or brass wire than 2 mm, which is enough hard but still goes to work with. If you want to get sharper bends than what I have done, bend the wire against a table edge. Good luck!

14 mars 2013

RESIDENCE __________

I will probably never get used to stand in front of a camera, I prefer stand behind it :) But I feel incredibly honored for been featured in the latest issue of Swedish interior magazine Residence.

 photographed by Raphael Gagliano

6 mars 2013


Again, she has done it again! I love these new big post cards that I got from Therese Sennerholt that she will launch tomorrow on her web shop.  And because I usually don´t have anything fixed on my walls in frames, I taped them up with aluminum tape that I found from a hard ware store.

3 mars 2013

DIY _______ book origami

I finally made it too, an book origami! My tip is to use a thick book with many pages. Thanks Lotta Agaton for the inspiration!

-hour glass from inreda utreda