30 september 2012


annaleena leino-karlsson photography
This summer when I was in Copenhagen with Emma we had the opportunity to visit  interior architect and art advisor Oliver Gustav,s 
antique shop/studio. Although the store had not opened yet when I took these pictures it was already stunning! 

26 september 2012

GUEST POST_____ Ikea livet hemma

My new favorite graphic fabric is called trådklöver and it´s from IKEA. I used it in my styling that I did for Ikea livet hemma blog where I have the honor to guest blog today! If you don´t speak Swedish you may need little help of google translator :)The images were photographed by talented Raphaël A. Gagliano. To read the post go over here

23 september 2012


I really love shapes. Especially the round one, so I painted a circle on my wall! I totally
agree with Joyce Carol and what she once said -I never change, I simply become more myself.

9 september 2012


Monday snapshots are pics that I found from my image archive. I´m removing away more and more unnecessary things in our home that I can organize better all the stuff that I really want to keep! Feels good to keep it simple. Early tomorrow morning I´m off to Copenhagen again working the whole week with a new exiting project, but you can follow me via my instagram annaleenashem what i´m doing in that beautiful city, see you there!

5 september 2012


One of the interior details that I love are lamps! It has probably never been easier to make a floor lamp than this leaning lamp that I made to myself. I used a metal pipe and a lamp with cabel, that was all. And to get the cable stuck I filed a groove in to the pipe. Done!

Silver bag:Granit
Wooden box:Ikea