30 maj 2012


I guest blogged for a week ago with my DIY feature "try this at home" on the best Emma's design blog and this time I used my 
            favorite material which is right now pitch black charcoal. So here comes the DIY  hanging charcoal mobile in replay!                

You need:

  • charcoal
  • nylon thread
  • black tape
  • scissors
Start making a sketch in your head. I did that myself and tested my way through.Cut several pieces of black tape so you can 
use them when working fast. I stopped when the shape felt a bit unfinished because I did not want it to get too round or 
triangular, instead I wanted a geometric form that changes depending on how it hangs and from what angle you're looking at it. 

And finally tie a nylon thread to it and tape several charcoal crayons onto the thread 
and your´e ready! It looks good against a window or to create contrasts, against a white wall, or as a lampshade!

27 maj 2012


I love to paint over things and my absolute favorite paint that I have used to many different projects is black metall paint. 
Not only because it has the strictly matte finish that I love but It's perfect to paint over things that are little shabby too,
it brings out the cracked rather than cover it over. The latest thing that I painted was a worn big wooden spoon. 
The result was perfect, matt black almost like charcoal finish.

23 maj 2012

SHOP ///

With all my heart, thank you for all congratulations that I received at the opening of my new online shop. New products are already 
underway and will appear in the online shop soon. Now we have begin to deliver also to US. you can visit the new online shop here. 

Från hela mitt hjärta, tack för alla fina gratulationer som jag fick vid öppningen av min nya online shop. Nya produkter är redan på gång och kommer att visas i shoppen inom kort. Nu har vi börjat leverera även till USA och alla leveranser inom Sverige är fraktfritt! Nya design online butiken hittar ni här. 

22 maj 2012


Monday snapshots is a tribute to the fact that summer is coming back. Yey!

19 maj 2012

16 maj 2012


Most of the interior or decor ide´s that I have shown here recently has been suspension ide´s like this wooden coat hanger, or this jewelry holder idea, or this fix easy some hooks on the wall ide . I know I´t seems that I have been doing the same thing a lot but in different ways! ;) But today is my try this at home column at Emma's design blog about something else, welcome to take a look over there! 

12 maj 2012

10 maj 2012


Oh boy, life is full of surprises! Yesterday I got really surprised when my friend sent me an sms that my pyramid is featured in 
the latest Elle interiör! Thank you Elle and big thanks to talented stylist Tina Hellberg och photographer by Anders Gramer!

9 maj 2012


As a freelancing interior stylist I´m always chasing new inspiration. Most of the inspiration I catch up comes when
 I´m traveling or from the internet which really overflows today of great inspiration! I use pinterest to store some of 
the pictures so it works also as my visual diary, I love it´s simplicity, It´s so easy to use. Find my Pinterest here. 

7 maj 2012


Monday snapshots is a mix of catching shadows, graphic elements and contrasts.