2 juli 2014


Some detail pictures from my home, nothing new just as we have it right now.

25 juni 2014

DECORATE _________________ less is always more

When it comes to decorations in my home, I choose always less is more.
Not because I don´t like many things but only because I think it is easier to find stuff. 
Decorating with few things gives also more calming expression and less details to look at. And with less stuff in front at a time, highlights all your favorite things. Here´s some of mine favorites right now.

/wall paint. Jotun color (antikgrå)
/marble ask. Lotta Agaton shop
/mirror. Ikea
/mirror knob, Kollekted by

17 juni 2014

STENHUGGARDOTTERN ____________ stone/ marble plates

limestone, plates, marble

marble, limestone, plates

Beautiful things don´t just happen. Neither did this gorgeous plate of limestone. It is a product of generational genuine craftsmanship, where the father has been running a stonemasonry as his father and now the creative daughter Josefine has used their knowledge of the stone and taken it to the next level and started to make these beautiful stone plates. The plates are available in two different designs in limestone and Carrara marble. Gotta love the limestone! More pictures on their home page here.


10 juni 2014

ONE PIC _____________ moon

Moon, one of my personal favorites from my collection. Hand made of aluminum and styled against white setting. Love. 

27 maj 2014

annaleena design, clothing rails

After the huge demand and mails from all who have wanted to buy my products during the time my shop has been closed, I have decided to open my shop up again! So annaleena web shop is open again and the stocks are filled, welcome over to take a look!

clothing hangers /annaleena.se/shop

23 maj 2014

DESIGN NEWS____________________

I could not think of anything better to blog about on a Friday than the happy news that my new design, brass magazine holder and my brass birds that I designed for a hotel here, will be sold soon exclusively in Lotta Agaton Shop Stockholm yay! Happy weekend!

20 maj 2014

ONEPIC_________________la petite mag

Today's one pic is a teaser from next La petite magazine summer issue where I have had privilege again to style one kid's room. This time I made a girl room with a "diy" walk-in closed.

/find the nearest stockist to get you copy here.

14 maj 2014


studio toogood
studio toogood

When I was in London I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Studio Toogood and just to experience THE Toogood headquarters. The thing that hit me first there was that the Studio Toogood looked exactly like the design Toogood that you only get to see through pictures! 
I was so enthusiastic about this visit and it exceeded all my high expectations. The entire Toogood studio was bubbling of creativity and relaxed sense of togetherness. Though the label Toogood is so hyped in the design sphere, their autonomous and at the same time collective way of working impressed me. They created their own Toogood world where there is a group of genuinely nice and cool people behind it all. Thank you Studio Toogood, Faye and Erica for having me there, I really enjoyed every minute to be with you and shooting these photos!

Studio Toogood

9 maj 2014

News! _________ joining the Residence

lady jotun, wall painting, interiror

I have some really exiting news to share with you today! I am officially a member now of the Residence digital team ! It was an absolute honor to be asked to join their digital team and to contribute the site with my behind the scenes snapshots that you don´t see here so often. I will also blog there about our future house-building process and rekommend interior/product goodies. These images are from my second post where I blogged about the perfect gray wall color. Thank you for the warm welcome Residence in the latest Residence magazine! 

Welcome to follow me there too! 

6 maj 2014

RESIDENCE MAG. ________________ my home

annaleenas hem, interior
annaleenas hem, interior

Here are photos from my new home in Stockholm that are styled by me and photographed by the best Kristofer Johnsson for Residence Magazine. If you want to see and read more you have to get yourself a copy of the magazine, it is out now.