Visar inlägg med etikett INTERIOR. Visa alla inlägg
Visar inlägg med etikett INTERIOR. Visa alla inlägg

21 maj 2015

_____________ soft skin

Im now in some kind of refractive phase with my style, and its good timing cause we are building a new house. But its also a bit challenging because I dont really know how it's gonna be, but the best way always is testing the ideas or colours on a bigger wall. So I did. 
I like to paint both ceilings and walls with the same colour, it becomes more intense and interesting that way. But now I just wanted to test the colour before painting an entire room with it in the new house. I really liked this colour, its not too pink and not too beige. The color is called Soft skin and it comes from Jotun Colour. 

/ colour code- 10580/2306-Y47R
/ mirror / Ikea 

12 maj 2015

NEW IN________________ !

Clear lines, brass, elegant, unique and something to display with my magazines and books was my the thoughts when I designed this magazine holder. And now finally It will be released to the shop on Thursday. Hurray!

31 mars 2015

SHADOW BLUE __________ that something

I said it before and I will say it again. Sometimes you only need to do some small changes to add something new to your home. 
I had wanted for a long time to paint our living room with a darker color but since we move this summer there was no point to start now. But instead, I tested a dark color on our square wooden pot and the shelves and suddenly I've got it. Something new.

Colour from my favorite, Jotun Lady Pure Color ( skuggblå) color code. 4629 /S5005-R80B

2 juli 2014


Some detail pictures from my home, nothing new just as we have it right now.

14 maj 2014


studio toogood
studio toogood

When I was in London I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Studio Toogood and just to experience THE Toogood headquarters. The thing that hit me first there was that the Studio Toogood looked exactly like the design Toogood that you only get to see through pictures! 
I was so enthusiastic about this visit and it exceeded all my high expectations. The entire Toogood studio was bubbling of creativity and relaxed sense of togetherness. Though the label Toogood is so hyped in the design sphere, their autonomous and at the same time collective way of working impressed me. They created their own Toogood world where there is a group of genuinely nice and cool people behind it all. Thank you Studio Toogood, Faye and Erica for having me there, I really enjoyed every minute to be with you and shooting these photos!

Studio Toogood

6 maj 2014

RESIDENCE MAG. ________________ my home

annaleenas hem, interior
annaleenas hem, interior

Here are photos from my new home in Stockholm that are styled by me and photographed by the best Kristofer Johnsson for Residence Magazine. If you want to see and read more you have to get yourself a copy of the magazine, it is out now.

3 maj 2014

HEY LONDON ___________________

I´ve had fantastic time in London and shooting a really great story for the blog. So now, can´t wait for coming home and edit the pictures and to show you what I have been doing here!

lamp. Michael Anastassiades from Twentytwentyone

26 april 2014

INTERIOR ______________________ something new

There´s always happening something new or just something with my interior. And I just noticed that I haven´t posted a picture about our new brass lamp in the living room. As usually we are doing and testing our prototypes ourselves first in our home. So,so far this is only a prototype. I am going to London next week just to catch up some new inspiration and hopefully visit some design studios. So if you have good advices on what I should not miss while I´m there I´m more than happy to hear about it, just send me an email. Thanks in advance!

23 april 2014

VEILED LADY ___________by Damien Gernay

I just stumbled over this raw minimalist lamp designed by Belgium based designer Damien Gernay. The lamp collection that includes a floor light, table lights and chandelier is inspired by a mushroom called veiled lady. But the designer describes the lamp design more like an organic anarchy. And what makes it more organic is that each piece is sculpted by hand.

via Leibal

21 februari 2014

INTERIOR ______________ new home

Here comes more pictures from our new home. The base is still the same that we used in our old house bright and white. But I am tempted to add some color that will look great against the white, show you what I mean later, now have a nice weekend everyone!

/wall lamp: Ikea tisdag /sofa: Ikea /table: serholt

18 februari 2014

LIFE ______________ bianco cordo

I love using various natural elements in the interior such as wood and natur stone. These materials has the ability to soften minimalist decor and make it look luxury! My longtime stone favorite has been marble but I like granite now even more. At this time of writing we are renovating the bathroom in the house we live in. The budjet the for renovation was small so I was really lucky when I found light granite /Bianco Cordo/ from the tile shop for a affordable price. The size of the granite is 61x30 cm and for the walls we will use white glossy floor tiles size 20x40.

ps. I´m making small changes for my blog´s layout in the coming weeks so thanks in advance for your patience during this time.