30 augusti 2012

D I Y ____________ SIDE TABLE

One of my favorite blogger Ivania Carpio from love aesthetics posted recently this fantastic diy at her blog -side table made of perspex. I loved the idea so with her ​​permission I will show her side table DIY here today !

- What you'll need is a piece of perspex of 5mm thickness, a heat blower gun (the kind that is used to remove paint from wood) and a few pieces of tape. Start out by determining the measurements of your table, though the bigger the table, the thicker the perspex needs to be. I used a panel of perspex of 120cm x 50cm and decided to make the side table 25cm in height, marked it with bits of tape and bended it into shape.
To bend the sides of your table, lay the perspex on a right, heat proof edge, like for example the kitchen counter. Secure the panel of perspex with clamps or ask someone to hold it for you.
Blow hot air across the edge you want to bend, close to the plastic for about four minutes. Now the perspex should be soft enough to bend. You could bend it all the way and make a sharp 90 degrees angle, or like me, bend it a little less so that the sides are slightly inclined. That's it! You've got a clear side table in under 30 minutes. -Ivania Carpio

Though the plastic doesn't smell when heating it, the fumes can be extremely toxic. Be sure to wear a mouth mask and keep the area well ventilated.

26 augusti 2012


 I was so thrilled when I saw the pictures there Lotta Agaton had styled an apartment for Folkhem at the housing exhibition Annedal 2012, and that my pyramid was also included. It looks so good over there! This picture is photographed by talented Henrik Bonnevier and you can see all images from the apartment here.

25 augusti 2012


I´m making those small changes in our home again, like haning ping pong racks down from the wall and grouping together all my silver candleholders. Doing less can be more, happy weekend!

24 augusti 2012

FORMEX _____________

A week ago I was in Stockholm at Formex interior design fair and here comes my pictures from the fair! One of my favorites at the fair was the exhibition of twelve design students selected by Formex. The industrial tea set 'Silent Machine' was designed by Korean designer Eunjae LeeAnother exiting product were these wooden bowls made by talented German Christoph Finkel, this is my friends pure design and genuine craftsmanship. I hope to see more of his work soon!

19 augusti 2012

DIY / candle holder

I love to add the rough garage feeling and metal expression in the interior. Perhaps that´s why I started to use these common hexagon nuts
that I bought from a harware store as candle holders. Ok, this has to be the most simple DIY that I have made so far. All you need is big hexagon nut and a candle -done!

15 augusti 2012


A month ago we decided to switch sleeping rooms with our oldest daughter. But like always, it's easier to make decisions than get it done! The floor was worn so we repainted it white. This time I wanted to have very simple and calm decor in the bedroom. No unnecessary things, but only the most necessary. The bed will be placed in the middle of the room. My round clothing hanger on the left side and my old magazines will work fine as bedside tables. Coming up later with an update when the room is ready!

wooden box; IKEA
round hanger ; annaleena.se/shop
black lamp; hemtex

13 augusti 2012


This weekend I was in Finland in my hometown Tampere doing a story about a lovely new knitting store called Kerä and 
photographed one of the owners Jonna Hietalas home who has the blog musta tuntuu.  It´s so inspiring to see when two real DIY women comes together and will start a shop together! Hurray Jonna and Elina and good luck to your new knitting shop! I will come back soon!

Magazine credit to Revs.

8 augusti 2012


 I just stumbled over these pictures of a design hotel/hostel called Goli+Bosi that is in Croatia and I had to post them immediately. I´ve never been in Croatia but will definitely stay here when I´m going there. Everything is so consistent and minimalistic, bold choice I think.

6 augusti 2012


I tought it´s time for part II now from my Copenhagen visit so here it comes! Day after blog´nhagen  Emma Fexeus and I went around in Copenhagen on our own and picked out some more favorite spots in that beautiful city! The first interior store we visited was a store called stilleben, which is very scandinavian and form strong interior design store located central in Copenhagen, so proud to tell also that stilleben is the store in Copenhagen that sell´s my products.

Another great shop where we stopped by was Hay´s flagship store, everything in the shop was only Hay´s own products. 
Graphic, Danish, and always playful!

Store or a creativ working space that is really worth a visit is a tile store called Dahl studio. They makes and sell the most stunning 
tiles and floor clinker that I have seen.

The two last images comes from a place you will see more photos later, in another context. All I can say right now is that it belongs 
to one of Denmark's top stylists, and that it will be a big hit when it opens.

2 augusti 2012


This is not a real DIY, just wanted to post some pictures of my new storage solution -this plastic case. I got it when I bought a new
 pillow some days ago. Once again I was reminded how much fun we can do with things that we already have!  (DIY wooden hanger)