28 april 2012


We are throwing a party at our house tonight! One of the funny decoration I made for the party was this tape I drew over the
stairs. You can also draw tape across the floor or a wall. It so easy to do and easy to remove! Suits me fine! See you later, xx

25 april 2012


We have replaced our lamp in the kitchen, I know again! It looked like this before. But what could I do when I 
came across lamp like this at the fleamarket than crab it. Im working with another funny project in our house too, 
theres a sneakpeak of it on my facebook paige.

22 april 2012


I wrote a well known quote on my wall "find a beautiful place and get lost"  it felt like a good reminder 
for the next week! Annaleena xx

17 april 2012


Finally it´s open! My online store where you can shop my design, click here to get there and to see the collection.

16 april 2012


20110416 was a very long workday I can promise you, tomorrow I will open my online store where you are able to buy directly my products after many weeks work with the store and the products. But until that here´s some mondays snapshots in the beautiful dull colours! See you later ;)

15 april 2012


I've done some DIY again and this time to my old chair. The chair got some twist with this minimalistic expression and it was incredibly easy to make. Here are the instructions! You need:

*carpet yarn
*a chair
*staple gun

Twist the carpet yarn around the chair until you find a pattern you like, this was the pattern I liked.
 Attach the yarn around the chair with staple gun. Done!

13 april 2012


Today i´m really happy to introduce todays creative guest on my blog whose work I have admired for many years 
photographer Daniel Månsson. I have made a brief interview with him and picked some pictures with his permission 
from his impressive website. More pics to see also on his blog ddmphoto.blogspot.se, now take it away Daniel!

Hello! Who are you?  -I am Daniel Månsson commerical/editorial photographer specilist on lifestyle, travel and portraits.

What is it that drives you forward in your profession as a photographer? -I want to try to become better and better.  
My photos are ok but not still A++.  I hope I will get there before I`m 60.

Tell us about the biggest challenge that you have faced as a photographer, and your greatest best photo memory?
-There is always a big challenge to shoot commercial jobs, to make a client happy and still make a picture with my 
signature style in it. That challenge is also what makes me to become a better photographer. Best memory, I was in 
Iceland  7 month ago for Mazda, that was something extra. 

If you could develop interiror shootings, and to contribute with something new to the branch what would that be? 
-I think a lot looks too staged. You still have to style it but to make it look natural is hard. I think some of the stuff 
IKEA do in there ads with the sun coming through the windows and moody, foggy style is great. But they also have 
the best agency producing it, Forsman Boedenfors. 

What gives you that creative kick! -To rise the level of my quality, styling, lighting, location and then put it all 
together and make something better then I did last time.

Do you have some good tips to give to all interiror bloggers who photographes interior daily for their blog?
-Don´t think too much, try to capture the feeling instead of the surface. Everybody loves to see a picture with soul in it.
Too perfect gets boring...

Where will you be in ten years from now? -Hopefully I will work more with international clients and live down 
south in Sweden. Altough I love my job I think it is very importent to have balance. To enjoy friends and life.

All images // Daniel Månsson ddmphoto.blogspot.se www.danielmansson.com

11 april 2012

INTERIOR // in the livingroom

Every spring I start to reorganize and moving things around in the house. It has to be something to do when the sun looks out I think ;) As now I am forming small tables with my magazines in the livingroom and trying to find a spot to my new plastic pot from ikea. As usually it is not about major changes, but it's the small changes that counts

Now I have news to tell you! In my next post will a talented photographer who is specialist on lifestyle be my first guest blogger here. He travels around the world shooting commerical/editorial pictures and takes according to me just amazing pictures! He will also give he´s point of view what he think is important for good interior photos. Looking forward to that!

9 april 2012


 Im starting my job week with traditional monday snapshots, enjoy!

7 april 2012


 Wishing you a great easter with these pics from our white house and very white floor ;)
Annaleena xx

4 april 2012


Today i´m in mood for grey. Yes I know that we shold love colours now when it´s spring time but I love grey 
colour! The black boxes that I use to storage my accessories are from granit and driftwood that I found from the beach 
last year serves as a nice jewelery holder. Find more greyish fashion inspiration here! See you later! Annaleena xx

2 april 2012


Monday snapshots is about details. Inspired by april month when we have winter behind oss and summer 
is coming. I hope you like details as much as I do because details are so inspiring in themselfs, like a creative 
expression in our interiror and that a personal touch that makes a difference in the hole picture!

 The magazine is Covers latest issue.